It helps me think differently.

I have learnt so much about who I am inside.

I now understand mixed feelings.

I have learnt how to respond to mistakes and problems – my whole family uses this now.

I have learnt how I can be influenced by how machines work.

The response star shows me all the ways I can respond in my life.

We are doing activities for the siyum about what we were like before we learnt Treasure Hunt and what we are like after Treasure Hunt.

My midda of kaas is much better now; I am so capable of regulating it now.

Pupils, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester

This is my favourite lesson of the week.

Bnos Beis Yaakov, London

Treasure Hunt has helped me by using F.A.C.T. to get myself into a better mood.

Keser Girls’, Gateshead

I have learnt a lot about my mind and heart. Thanks for opening the topic.

Beis Malka, London

Treasure Hunt has taught me how to be happy.

King David, Manchester

I know know that my guf is there to help my neshoma so I won’t waste it on other things.

Bnos Zion de’Bobov, London

I am thankful for my life ה’ gave to me

All I need to find is the נשמה in me.

I’m off on my treasure hunt, I’m ready to go.

‘ה brings me up when I’m low.

I’m thankful for my bones, heart and mind.

When my נשמה glows it means I’m being kind.

Treasure Hunt is my favourite lesson out of all.

If I use my power tools correctly, I will stand tall.

Treasure Hunt is a great lesson even now it’s new.

Anytime you’re ill ‘ה will fight for you.

Pupils, King David, Manchester

I really enjoy Treasure Hunt and have learnt a lot from it.

Keser Girls’, Gateshead

Treasure Hunt has helped me in how to believe in myself.

Bury and Whitefield, Manchester


Lesson content is brilliant; discussions are involved, and it’s an antidote to mental health challenges.

Rabbi Y Yodaiken, Headteacher, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester

This is Torah and Kodesh wellbeing and has become the culture of our school. Unique wholesome, and builds every child.

Mrs C B Orlinski, Headteacher, Bnos Zion D’Bobov London

I assure you! There has been nothing more practical in my life. This is practical life – no other subject compares.

Rebbe A Dayan, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester

Treasure Hunt has added to our family discussion on Shabbos and has so much to give the whole family.

Mrs O Stroh, Keser Girls’, Gateshead

Treasure Hunt! It’s a truly transformative initiative and has changed children.

Mrs G Sheinfeld, Headteacher, Beis Malka, London (referring to Treasure Hunt, in response to a teacher’s question at graduation, “How do you have such confident girls?”)

How come the calibre of questions has improved so drastically?

Rabbi who visits school periodically, King David, Manchester (said about the Treasure Hunt class)

We love it – nothing like it! It’s desperately needed.

Rebbe M Yodaiken, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester

Excellent hashkofa!

Mrs J Kirsch, Bnos Beis Yaakov, London

I have just emerged from a life-changing experience and that is before even teaching the material.

Rebbe D Santhouse, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester (said to the Headteacher after training)

I am not aware of other curricula covering this topic in such a practical way; totally unique, presenting yesodos – getting children focused on their penimius. I was very impressed with the attention to detail in Treasure Hunt. The very well-planned lessons and resources made it easier for me to ask teachers to take this on.

Mrs Springer, Keser Girls’, Gateshead

I am the Dinim and Chumash teacher. All I can say is that Treasure Hunt is everyday not only when it is taught as the ideas pop up in my lessons. They speak freely bout the neshoma and guf and have a real clarity about them.

Mrs S Aberman, King David, Manchester

I find it incredible that something of such importance has been so easily overlooked and has now been turned into a major project.

Rebbe D Santhouse, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester

The materials and preparation are very untedious. It is handed on a golden platter, very organised, clear and easy to use.

Mrs O Stroh, Keser Girls’, Gateshead

The lessons are the yesod of derech eretz, the first steps to building the child. The material very easy to teach, very well broken down and child friendly. The Treasure Hunt team is supportive.

Mrs Grohman, Beis Chinuch, Westcliff

Inspiration lasts a moment – Education a life time. Treasure Hunt deserves absolute admiration and accolades. We see impact, all the boys in their own way on their own level. The tremendous chessed opportunity is nothing but amazing.
One’s life is a series of one’s own choices yet circumstances are orchestrated carefully by HKBH, so whatever circumstances He orchestrated to lead you to this training, know that it is an enormous privilege. Taam ure’oo – Taste and you will see it !!
Imagine a house with treasures buried beneath the floor of the house that the owner is oblivious too. Now imagine that you are aware of his treasure being there…What a sheer kindness it would be to reveal what is under the floor – and – what a cruelty if you wouldn’t.
Treasure Hunt imparts the language of awareness – it is a language that needs to travel across all schools everywhere and eventually be translated into all languages. It deserves its prominence worldwide!!! It is necessary, it is revealing it teaches what is within.
I used to live in Yerusholayim and was connected to HaRav Wolbe ztl. I often reflect and honestly believe that he would give his wholehearted endorsement as a leader in mussar, growth, personal development and chinuch. If he were alive I could see him smiling and giving his greatest approbation.

Rebbe D Santhouse, Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester


My daughter had a crisis – the whole family could not believe that it took half an hour to reach shleimus and before, a day or week would have been ruined.


My child is a changed child; less insular, far less defensive, happier, more relaxed, bonding so much better with me.


My son displayed clear, excellent knowledge, and he inspired the whole family, who all enjoyed it when they did good and saw good in others.


My daughter knew she had a neshoma, but she knows what to do about this in real life. The demonstration made the neshoma very real to her.


I have seen the material – impressive, diverse and solid.

Grandparent (retired headmaster), Manchester