What is Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is a Torah SEL curriculum enabling pupils to take ownership of their spiritual growth and emotional wellbeing. It can be used to cultivate a culture of connection and it develops a precise, easy-to-remember, growth-orientated language.

Teachers receive an easy to use, comprehensive well-structured, fully-prepared lessons, with summarised lesson plans and all supporting media resources. 

Who is it for?

It is designed for primary school pupils aged 8 to 11, boys and girls in both English and Yiddish.

Will your pupils be next?

“We have finished 24 lessons and I asked the children what they have gained…
“I know myself so much.”
“How to choose goals and work to them.”
“How to choose inner goals.”
“How to manage my anger.”
We expand topics and spiral and they are enjoying and eager to do the next chunk of lessons. A boy of his own accord has booked an appointment with me to plan a process to work on anger.
How exciting!”

Rebbe A Dayan

Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester, UK

What pupils have said:

“I love it because it really shows me who I am and what I can discover about myself and how I can increase my behaviour for future years.”

Year 6 Pupil, Bnos Beis Yaakov, London

“I can control myself and not scream and get angry at people. Thank you for helping me see my powers.”

Year 6 Pupil, Beis Malka, London

“I really like Treasure Hunt because it makes me feel more happy about myself and know how lucky we are to have Hashem on our side.”

Year 5 Pupil, Bury and Whitefield, Manchester

“Our school carefully research and regularly introduce many international educational initiatives and curricula. We were so excited when we were first introduced to Treasure Hunt. The subsequent training, lesson plans, learning packs and feedback from teachers, parents and children have proven beyond doubt that this programme is well worth the investment. Treasure Hunt provides a wholesome curriculum that aims for the heart of every child’s neshomo.”

Rabbi Y Heimann

Deputy Head, Beis Yaakov Primary School, London

“These lessons are the yesod of derech eretz. They are the first steps to building a child. The material is right, very easy to teach, very well broken down and child friendly. The Treasure Hunt team supports us all the way”

Mrs S Grohman

Menaheles of, Beis Chinuch Lebonos, Westcliff-on-Sea

What’s included?



Teachers receive 6-8 hours of training to understand the hashkafos as well as the educational and psychological methods, before teaching the programme.

Training includes:

Ruchnius, educational and psychological underpinnings of the curriculum

Core values and the curriculum

Confidence in delivery



The curriculum includes 52 clearly structured lessons delivered over two years.

You will receive:

Detailed introduction

Comprehensive, detailed lessons and lesson plans

All supporting resources


Our beautifully designed resources take the burden off the teachers.

Teacher’s Handbooks

PowerPoints, audiovisuals, slides and posters

Worksheets and self-assessment method

Family Digests (to send home)

Validation cards and stickers

Student folders and notepads

Access to ‘digital banks’ of ideas, games, Q&A and newsletters


Teachers feel confident and supported, knowing our team is available to answer questions and offer assistance when needed.

Access to Noam Ziv staff via phone or email

Comprehensive, detailed lessons and lesson plans

All supporting resources


We encourage parents and family involvement, enabling children to concretize what they’ve learned in school. Family discussions and activities allow the whole family to benefit, making the concepts learnt even more tangible for the children.

Introductory communication

Weekly Family Digests to aid family participation

“Inspiration lasts a moment – Education a life time. Treasure Hunt deserves absolute admiration and accolades. We see impact, all the boys in their own way on their own level. The tremendous chessed opportunity is nothing but amazing.
One’s life is a series of one’s own choices yet circumstances are orchestrated carefully by HKBH, so whatever circumstances He orchestrated to lead you to this training, know that it is an enormous privilege. Taam ure’oo – Taste and you will see it !!
Imagine a house with treasures buried beneath the floor of the house that the owner is oblivious too. Now imagine that you are aware of his treasure being there…What a sheer kindness it would be to reveal what is under the floor – and – what a cruelty if you wouldn’t.
Treasure Hunt imparts the language of awareness – it is a language that needs to travel across all schools everywhere and eventually be translated into all languages. It deserves its prominence worldwide!!! It is necessary, it is revealing it teaches what is within.
I used to live in Yerusholayim and was connected to HaRav Wolbe ztl. I often reflect and honestly believe that he would give his wholehearted endorsement as a leader in mussar, growth, personal development and chinuch. If he were alive I could see him smiling and giving his greatest approbation.”

Rebbe D Santhouse

Yesoiday HaTorah, Manchester, UK