Paving the way for a vibrant and meaningful Torah life


Noam Ziv was established in 2007 to promote an appreciation and understanding of the inner dimension of Yiddishkeit. The organisation aimed to educate individuals to live with a deeper level of connection and meaning. Speaking to a female audience in South Africa, Noam Ziv’s founder, Mrs Sara Devora Chrysler was publicly challenged by communal activist Dr Fiona Aronovitz, to ‘do something for the children of our generation’.

The seed had been planted… and Treasure Hunt soon took root.




“ inculcate into schoolchildren a sensitivity to the spiritual aspects of their selves and to generate within them an enthusiasm to serve Hashem and to improve their character traits…This is especially true at a time when the thrust of most of education in our times is to inculcate the opposite notions into children, that they have no neshamos and that spiritual growth is not a goal of life.”

Rabbi A. Feldman

Fusing therapy experience with Torah wisdom


With 20 years experience helping children grow mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually through ‘Emphasis Art’ – a unique form of Art Therapy – Mrs Chrysler set out to create something new. 

Encouraged by South African counsellor, Mr Bradford Dembo and Rabbi Dr Y Yodaiken, Head of Yesoiday HaTorah Multi Academy Trust, Manchester, Mrs Chrysler attempted to address the needs of the generation laying the foundations in the critical pre-teen years.

In a shared vision with Mr Yitzchok Steinberg of the SFCT, a man dedicated to making a significant difference to the well-being and Yiddishkeit of others, Treasure Hunt was developed. 

Our talented creative editor, Mrs S Kalmus, passionate kodesh teacher Mrs B Dadash and Mrs D Englard, skilled graphic artist together with several key individuals, have contributed immensely to the Treasure Hunt vision.

Translating into Yiddish has opened doors to many more children, carried out by expert translator, Mrs S Margulies and carefully proofread by Mrs C B Orlinski, dynamic Headteacher of Bnos Zion D’Bobov School, London.

Expert kodesh teacher Mrs M Steinberg, Keser Girls’ School, Gateshead, has contributed immensely to enhancing the lessons with her thorough feedback and wise suggestions.


“It is so pure, so untainted ...This is the real thing.”

Rebbetzen Kupetz, daughter of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva zatzal

The curriculum is largely influenced by the teachings of:

  • Nesivei Chinuch by the Nesivos Sholom
  • Chovos HaTalmidim by the Piaseczno Rebbe
  • Chovos HaLevovos
  • Mesilas Yeshorim
  • Derech Hashem
  • Sefer Cheshbon Nefesh
  • Rav Avigdor Miller
  • Rav Dessler

Treasure Hunt infuses children with a deep understanding of themselves, the tools they possess and how to become their best. Children learn how to take control of their thoughts, emotions, behaviour and speech to live fulfilling lives with a deep connection to Hashem and Yiddishkeit.

I’m astounded that ‘thinky feely stuff’ has been so concretised and made accessible to ‘non airy-fairy’ types showing that this area is for all people.

Rebbe A. DayanTeacher, Yesoiday HaTorah Multi Academy Trust, Manchester

Now, not only do the pupils know they have a neshoma, they have an awareness of what this means and are living with this understanding.

Mrs C. FonfederTeacher, Beis Malka, London

I have never seen anything like this... what is being taught and how it has been created, making emuna so simple and approachable. It is in a league of its own entirely.

Mrs M. SaundersTeacher, Broughton Jewish, Manchester

Meet our team

Founder & Programme Developer

Mrs Sara Devora Chrysler

South African born Sara Devora is the driving force behind Treasure Hunt, with the support and encouragement of her husband and sounding-board,
R’ Shloimie Chrysler.

Sara Devora carefully developed the curriculum, underpinning her wealth of life experience with teachings of Chazal. She lives with a vision to facilitate the children of our generation to live rich, vibrant, wholesome lives as Ovdei Hashem.

“Over the years, I realised how much there is to learn about oneself and personal growth. My own quest to make the most of my life and personal struggles have significantly contributed to the curriculum content.”

Project Coordinator

Mrs Yocheved Moszkowski BSc (Hons)

Yocheved devotedly oversees all of Noam Ziv’s endeavours, helping teachers and headteachers integrate the programme smoothly into their schools.

Originally from Leeds, Yocheved now resides in Manchester, UK. She feels honoured to be part of an incredible team, using her eye for detail and logistical skills to contribute towards this life-changing initiative.

“I am grateful to be part of this profound vision which has enabled me to flourish and grow in a personal capacity, and also as a mother and grandmother.”

Project Administrator

Dr Shoshana Knol

Shoshana is an integral part of the Noam Ziv engine, using her considerable research and organisational skills to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Originally from the Netherlands, with a background in higher education, Shoshana is happy to be working on a project which makes such a meaningful contribution to Klal Yisroel.

“The Noam Ziv vision has certainly influenced my personal life as a mother and as an individual, helping me to constantly grow.”

Halachic and hashkafic shailos which arise are directed to one of the following esteemed Rabbonim for clarification (all in Manchester, UK):

Reb S. Y. Chrysler – Avreich, Pinto Kollel
Rabbi A. Hassan – Lecturer, SEED UK
Rabbi Y. C. Horowitz – Rav Kehal V’Yoel Moshe D’Satmar
Rabbi D. Orzel – Rav Kehal Eitz Chaim; Rosh Kollel, Pinto Kollel
Rabbi S. O. Schlamme – Mashgiach, Yeshiva Shaarei Torah
Rabbi R. Spitzer – Principal, Bnos Yisroel High School
Rabbi Y.L. Wittler Rav Kehal Ohr Yisroel; Rosh Yeshiva, Sharei Chaim
Rabbi Dr Y. Yodaiken, MA BAI (Hons) PGCE PhD (Education) LLE –  Headteacher and Principal, Yesoiday HaTorah Multi Academy Trust

Reb M. Y. Lopian –  Avreich, Yeshiva Shaarei Torah –  clarity regarding material, pupil and teacher questions

Haskomos and endorsements


*Noam Ziv was previously known as Ne’ima Penima