About Rabbi Y Yodaiken


Rabbi Yodaiken is a member of the Primary Headteachers Reference Group, a group of successful headteachers who meet regularly in the DfE, to review and discuss education, legislation, and issues pertaining to schools throughout the country. He is also an Executive member of the Torah Umesorah Teaching Centre in Manchester, of Chinuch UK and also holds an executive position in the Dor L’Dor Parenting Programme. He has authored two books on parenting.

‘The Noam Ziv programme is one which lights up the neshomos of the children who engage with it. I have seen their work first-hand in our own school and in other schools. The programme is outstanding and I can highly recommend it. So often children struggle due to a lack of self-esteem and an inability to perceive the significant role which they can play in the world. Mrs Chrysler has developed an incredible programme which has a transformative impact on children, imbuing in them a love of Hashem and helping each child to understand how treasured they are in the eyes of Hashem.

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